The Elks’ Most Valuable Student Competition

An Additional $80,000 Added to Award Coffers


The annual Elks’ National Foundation Scholarships awards 500 scholarships to high school seniors in the Most Valuable Student Competition. This year, with the addition of $80,000, there will be more high-dollar winners. The competition begins at the local level and students must win there to advance to the district competitions. Winners at the district level advance to state competitions and then to the national prizes where the 500 scholarships are awarded: 2-$60,000, 2- $40,000, 2-$20,000, 2-$16,000, 2-$12,000, 4-$10,000, 4-$8,000, and 482-$4,000. Award totals reflect four years of undergraduate study.

Scholarship requirements:

  • Eligible applicants must be graduating high school seniors enrolled in a four-year undergraduate degree program.
  • Applicants must be attending school on a full-time basis.
  • No affiliation with the Elks is required.
  • Students must have a high GPAs and demonstrable financial need for the awards.
  • Eligible students must have interests in community affairs, extracurricular activities, and/or demonstrate above average leadership skills and talent.

Applications will become available on September 1, 2007 at local Elks Lodges. January 11, 2008 is the deadline for submitting applications. They must be returned to local lodges to be considered for the MVS scholarship. Winners will be announced in May 2008.

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